Today at Gawker.TV, LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy talks with Stephen Colbert, Sports Illustrated models and topless bachelorettes, HIMYM crowns February 13th Desperation Day, and Conan O'Brien gets carried onto his stage in a carton of egg beaters.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayLady Gaga's "Born This Way" and Madonna's "Express Yourself" Played Simultaneously
Last night Lady Gaga visited Jay Leno to address the fact that her new single "Born This Way" sounds a lot like Madonna's "Express Yourself."

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayConan O'Brien Parodies Lady Gaga by Being Carried onto Stage Inside of an Egg Beater
In an obvious play on Lady Gaga's entrance to the Grammy Awards, Conan was carried out by his crew at the top of his show last night. As he put it, it's his "Lady Gaga entrance with zero cholesterol."

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayJanuary Jones Hates Valentine's Day Just as Much as You Do
You might think that a bombshell like January Jones would have other plans on Valentine's Day than making an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. She finds the holiday to be "anti-climatic" and "always a let-down."

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayStephen Colbert Sits Down With James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem
Why is James Murphy walking away from his band? He says "at a certain point it gets embarrassing" and that he has big plans for his free time: "there's a lot of things I wanna do. I like making coffee."


Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayJustin Bieber Admits He's Not a Fan of Lady Gaga's "Weird" Outfits
Does Bieber have beef with Gaga? On Chelsea Lately, the teen heartthrob weighed in on Gaga's buzzworthy Grammy apparel, saying, "I don't know, like, people say it's artistic and stuff. I'm just like, 'you're an egg.'" Harsh words, Bieber!

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayHow I Met Your Mother Proclaims February 13th to be "Desperation Day"
Last night's HIMYM coined a new holiday for all singles on the day that falls before February 14th—Desperation Day. It's apparently when all singles become extremely aware of their solitude and put out.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayThe Bachelor: Anguilla, Rejection, and a Topless Beach Photoshoot
Brad awoke his ladies at 2am for their group date: a photoshooot that will supposedly run in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition—every woman's perfect dream-date! It turned into every man's fantasy, though, when the gals took their tops off.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayJoan Rivers Rags on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez' Illicit Romance
Selena's nineteen years old and the Biebs is merely a fresh-faced sixteen-year-old with famous hair. After deeming Selena to be a "bombshell," Joan tore apart the odd couple in ways only she could.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DaySupermodels From the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Read the Late Show's Top 10 List
Sure, they all kind of stumbled over the corny jokes written by the Late Show staff, but that's not really the point, is it? Enjoy the eye candy.