When raising your children on national television, it is important to start implementing the propaganda of your regional ideology early on in the child's development.

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In Leah and Corey's case, this means making sure your family knows that it's knit from the same camouflage cloth by orchestrating a redneck photo shoot. The end results were marvelous, with little Aleeah and Aliannah basking in angelic light in the forefront, ripe for the picking, while their parents peer from the darkness, lying in predatory wait under their hunting caps.


Jenelle continues her dominion over Hades with Kieffer by her side. Surprisingly, she actually shows up for Jace's 1st birthday party. Unsurprisingly, she buys him a completely impractical present: a miniature atv four wheeler.

Kailyn is still trying to figure out how to avoid homelessness between classes at the community college and shifts at Sport's Authority. She doesn't want to date Jo anymore but is living in his parent's house until she achieves her half-baked plan of moving out into a place of her own.

Chelsea continues to be utterly worthless in every which way. When she moved into the apartment her father is paying for, the two conditions were: 1. Finish High School 2. Don't Date Adam. She has since broken both of these rules and is now letting her emotionally abusive boyfriend push her best friend Megan out of the home the two friends originally shared together. If MTV has revealed anything about her character, it has shown that Chelsea has zero self esteem and is the very definition of spineless. Get it together, girl.