First, a Survivor question! After that, there is so much pilot casting news today it's hard to know what to do with it! Some of it is very exciting (Summer Roberts!) and some of it less so (Donna Pinciotti as Chelsea Handler), but absolutely all of it is need-to-know. Or not. Whatever. Here it is.

  • Survivor host Jeff Probst was on Jimmy Fallon's show last night and he basically started talking about the Survivor version of El Dorado, a mythical thing that never existed and likely will never. Or will it?? Basically he told Jimmy that he'd like him to come on a week-long, for-charity celebrity version of the show. That would be great! Not necessarily Fallon, but a celeb version of the show that's, y'know, a little more respectable than I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here. (I mean, it's hard to be more respectable than a show with that title, but Mark Burnett and company can certainly try.) So who would you want to see? Dream big! I'd vote for Lea Michele, just to see her devoured by bugs or something. Oh and definitely Katherine Heigl, because obviously. And Andrew Garfield. For, y'know, aesthetics. Which famous people do you want to send to rot on a desert island?? [EW]
  • People have been buzzing about Rachel Bilson starring in Hart of Dixie, a new Josh Schwartz pilot, for a while, but it's now finally confirmed. The O.C.'s tart little heart will play a big-city (New York in this case) doctor who moves to a small Southern town and, y'know, fish and water and the being out of it. In related news, Adam Brody will be starring in my television pilot Take Off Your Clothes and Stay Awhile that's hopefully shooting soon at my apartment. [THR]
  • Meanwhile, similar-era teen portrayer Laura Prepon, from That '70s Show, has signed on to play a young Chelsea Handler in the sitcom pilot based on Handler's book Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. It takes place about fifteen or so years ago, which is about the time when Handler wrote all her jokes. And she hasn't changed 'em since! [TV Line]
  • The delightful Anna Camp, who played confused Christian anti-vampirist Sarah Newlin on a season of True Blood, has been cast in a comedy pilot called I Hate That I Love You, about me talking to that Katy Perry song "Firework." (I can't help it. I just like it. We're all going to have to deal with it in our own ways.) No, it's actually about a straight couple who introduces their respective lesbian roommates to each other and they hit it off, but then the straight dude somehow knocks up his lesbian roommate and it's awks magawks. Camp will play the lesbian who doesn't sleep with the guy. So she'll play the lesbian. [Deadline]
  • Gas-guzzling industrialist Ed Begley Jr. has signed on to star in a comedy pilot called Brave New World, about a New England theme park that does recreations of pilgrim times and stuff. So he'll arrive at the set in one of his coal-belching contraptions, blackening all the skies around him, spraying the earth with hissing chemicals, and everyone else will shake their heads and say "That Ed Begley. He's no friend to the environment." [Deadline]
  • Here is some non-pilot casting news. Dakota Fanning and hotpants subway drummer turned model turned actor Ryan Donowho have been cast in the indie thriller Mississippi Wild. Donowho will play a kid who steals jewels from a gangster and so goes on the run with his girlfriend, played by Mickey Rourke. No, I wish. His girlfriend will be Fanning, Rourke is in talks to play the gangster. So, yeah. I'd probably pay money to watch Mickey Rourke running around screaming "Give me my jewelsssss!!" And I'd definitely pay money to see Donowho's jewels. SO. [Variety]