Yesterday New Jersey governor Chris Christie once again talked shit about the cast of Jersey Shore and said he wants New York to "take them back." He really needs to shut up about this.

This isn't the first time he started in on this trope, and it's really getting on my nerves. At a town hall meeting, Christie said the show and its hard-partying cast gives the rest of America a bad impression of the state. "Remember, Snooki is from Poughkeepsie and the Situation is from Staten Island. That's not New Jersey." First of all, The Situation was born in Staten Island, but wasn't raised there. Vinny is from Staten Island. But guess where Sammi "Sweetheart," possibly the most reviled member of the cast is from? Yup, New Jersey. Are you taking credit for that, Chris?

He went on to say he wants New York to reclaim the guidos in the most important sociological experiment of our time, "Take them back. We don't want them."

See, the point of this show was never about people who live in New Jersey, it was about people who visit the Jersey Shore, many of whom come from New York. Therefore, the show is an accurate depiction of what Seaside Heights is like. That's the thing about having a booming tourism trade. You can't really pick and choose the caliber of people who are coming there. If you want to keep the crowds rolling in, you have to be welcoming to all, even those whose lifestyles you may not agree with.

But even worse, the whole state is benefiting from the show's success. So, sure, Chris Christie, we'll take back the cast. We will also take back every New Yorker who spends a dime in your beach towns, at your attractions, and paying the exorbitant tolls to get there. We will also take every person who travels to New Jersey for the express purpose of seeing where the show is taped and who spends their loot on T-shirts at the Shore Store and fried pickles on the boardwalk. Yes, we'll take back the cast, but we're also taking back all the bootie (JWOWW's included) that comes along with it.

If you want to trade in the millions of dollars this show is making your state in tax revenue and the billions of dollars tourism in general bring into New Jersey every year for a chance at a crystal clear reputation, then be our guest. But if not, then you need to count all your money in silence.

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