Get ready to turn on your TV and grab a hold of your laptop! No, not that laptop—I mean your computer. It's time for another of our commenter-created Top Chef live blogs—also known as The Nude Fondue Party. Join us!

Actually, we've never called this feature The Nude Fondue Party before-but I thought maybe we could nickname it that after I heard chef Richard Blais mention on last week's episode that his parents held such parties when he was a kid. Because that's what we do here, I think, when you get right down to it: Expose our naked souls to the world, while consuming cheese. That's the metaphorical description, anyway—the literal description of what we do is this: We turn on the TV, watch Top Chef (which airs on Bravo at 10 pm Eastern), and post a running commentary on what we see in the comments section below this post. It's an experience you won't forget-unless you drink too much and black out.

Last week's live-blog was a memorable one—and not just because we had to adjust to a few new comment-system wrinkles that came with Gawker's site redesign. Here's a quick rundown of random highlights: Commenter Foxcraft dubbed Mike Isabella's fondue-challenge entry "fondouche." Many commenters expressed annoyance at Blais' overused liquid-nitrogen antics, and many more of us questioned whether anyone, anywhere, ever really enjoyed eating beef tongue. We heard Carla mention an ingredient called "pee salt"—which I've never heard of, but assume is a byproduct of the pee-desalination process. Commenter Cletar noticed that Fabio referred to Jimmy Fallon as "Chimney Fowl Lawn." And when Fabio got the heave-ho, most of us were sad to see him go, and touched when he exited by saying, "You are the only shadow standing in your own sunshine"—a statement which, like Fabio himself, was simultaneously appealing and difficult to understand.

Check out these other memorable moments from last week. And you should also be sure to watch for these highlights as we live-blog tonight's episode:

  • The chefs will be heckled by Muppets as they attempt to prepare their quickfire dishes. This is a brilliant concept. In fact, I think muppet heckling should be part of every Top Chef episode from now on.
  • Dale will claim, "I am not a cookie person"—which sounds like denial to me. Just like the way he claims not to like Angelo's tight pants, even though he talks about them all the time.
  • The chefs will have to cook inside a Target store, using whatever stuff they can find in the aisles. Citronella-candle soup, anyone?

OK, gang, it's nude fondue time—metaphorically speaking. So go grab a metaphorical fondue fork, and let's get this party started!

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