Alleged crack dealer Jaquan "Jay Cash" Layne — while sitting in prison on armed-robbery charges — back in 2009 made phone calls from a Riker's Island pay phone to his lackluster sales crew in Harlem, prosecutors said yesterday according to the Post. So, how does one go about motivating a group of less-than-motivated crack dealers? Here's a several step guide, according to recorded conversations from Layne:

On opportunism: "You gotta be out there in the morning. The morning, the morning, from like the morning. Just sit in front of the stoop in the morning. 'Cause they'll all come see you, boom, boom, boom, 'cause that's the morning. That's their first high."

On payday: "Hug the block on the first."

On guns: "Make sure, head shots only; head shots only."

On "heat": "If shit gets crazy, let it go, let it go."

On life after Riker's: "[I'm] just a gangster. That's the life I live. I live this gangster shit. [I] won't be doing a damn thing but selling crack."

Imagine that. They actually record conversations on prison pay phones! Those wily corrections officers.

[NYP; image via Shutterstock]