Yoga Is The New Golf And Everything Is Different Now

Oh my god, it says here that yoga is the new golf! You have to do it with your bosses to move up the corporate ladder, and that's coming from a lady who "advises the 'top 0.5 percent' of companies worldwide!" Yoga's out of control—more! Nothing will ever be the same!

  • Yoga is the new golf.
  • Zumba is the new yoga.
  • Walking on your hands is the new Zumba.
  • Unicycling is the new walking on your hands.
  • Tricycling is new unicycling.
  • Skimboarding is the new tricycling.
  • Water polo is the new skimboarding.
  • Polo is the new water polo.
  • Golf is the new polo.
  • Yoga is the new golf.
You don't want to get embarrassed out there.

[NYP. Photo: Shutterstock]