A Pennsylvania woman was arrested after showing police a picture of herself next to her 2-year-old daughter bound to a chair with duct tape. This has got to be the dumbest lady around.

First of all, don't go duct taping your baby! Didn't we already learn that lesson from the couple that went to jail for duct taping the baby to the wall?

And if you do duct tape your baby to a wall, don't show the police a picture of it. After the website MediaTakeout first posted the picture, it emerged that the mother, Caira Ferguson, showed the cops the photo as a way to prove that someone had stolen her identity. Cops then found the blue chair with the duct tape still attached in Ferguson's home, though the child had been let free. Ferguson has been arrested for child endangerment, false imprisonment, and unlawful restraint.

OK, now you people really need to stop duct taping your babies! This is not a trend we want to see continue.