If you get a fax these days, you know nothing good will come from it. Oh, a fax came for me? Please send it right through the shredder then light it on fire and throw the ashes into a volcano. Because who sends faxes anymore? Racist NASCAR fans, that's who!

After Representative Betsy McCollum (D-Elitesville) suggested that the Army stop sponsoring a NASCAR car, she received this absurdly racist, threatening fax. Title: "Fighting the Marxist N*gger Thugs Hussein Obama & Eric Older." (Click to Enlarge)

"YO! Slut Betty SHUT YOUR PHUCKING PIE HOLE," it continues. "Death to all Marxists! Foreign and Domestic!" Because there was that part in The Communist Manifesto that urged the proletariat to rise up against stock car racing?

So, that's one way to show your love for NASCAR.