The Office tonight treated us to a nice diversionary episode, which made up for its lack of plot moving elements with some nice Michael "Scarn" related bad-assery.

Let the comparisons between this and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's "Lethal Weapon 5" begin now. And maybe let this also be the last time someone lampoons a training montage, although I suppose I'll keep watching them as long as anyone keeps making them.

After we are introduced to mild-mannered super spy Michael Scarn, we meet his enemy, Goldenface, and the hostages that he has taken for some reason.


In the end, through many plot twists involving the evil black President Darryl, as well as something where Michael has to become a hockey all-star, Creed helps Scarn to unleash the puck slapping monster within.
All in all a decent episode, and if nothing else a good excuse for some past characters to visit us again.