Last week, Pierce overdosed on pills and now he's in the hospital—planning his revenge. He calls for the study group to visit him on his "death bed," even though he's doing just fine.

Pierce calls everyone into his room one-by-one to "bequeath" something onto them. Pierce decided to dig up some dirt on Jeff and tells him that his estranged is on his way to the hospital. Jeff tries to play it cool, but somewhat-silently freaks out for the rest of the episode until the car rolls up. He threatened Pierce that if he was lying, he'd beat the crap out of him. And, well... see above.


Poor Troy, he wasn't even told or warned by Pierce of his ultimate nightmare—meeting his idol, LeVar Burton, in person. He just wanted a picture!

Pierce gives Britta a check for $10,000 that she could donate to a charity of her choice. Or, she could keep some of it for herself. She struggles with the decision, and ultimately learns that she's a selfish person.


Pierce bequeathed a princess tiara to Annie simply because she is his favorite member of the group. That didn't stop it from messing with Annie's head throughout the episode, though.

In the middle of the despair and angst we learned two new terms: "complisult" and "explanabrag."

Pierce taunted Shirley with a fake tape of everyone talking crap about her (which they never did.) And Abed was left out of the whole process because Pierce agreed to let him film the whole thing. Here's his closing remarks.