Are you cursed with spoiled children, $25,000 to burn, and a desire to make your already-wealthy kids even more unbearable by marinating them in an all-encompassing sauce of privilege?

You'll want to immediately enroll your unfortunate spawn in multimillionaire media magnate Michael Loeb's "Global Fellows in Social Enterprise" program, a six-week, $25K summer camp that teaches your rich kids to be better rich kids. Field trips to "the Hamptons, Cape Cod and the Berkshires!" A "business-plan competition!" And personal tips from The Rockefellers about how to stave off the poors!

"People expect us to be a savior of their cause and you have to know how to graciously deal with that," Ms. Rockefeller said, recounting an experience with a nonprofit for which she agreed to host a reception in her home, only to be accosted later for a $500,000 gift.

"Why are we targeting high-net-worth families? It's not because we're snobs," lies Michael Loeb. Also: "Leading the day-to-day operations of the Global Fellows program is Abby Raphel, co-founder of a private, invitation-only social network for rich kids called"

God, this whole story is great. Sign up now! Eat the poor!