Used car dealerships can be shady, but Barkley Automotive in Dealership: The Series is more of an absurd playground. Four ridiculous characters come together to sell cars, and the result is a clever, lowbrow, and overall high-quality web series.

In this clip, "Adventure 5: The Lemon," one of the nerdy salesmen attempts to sell a malfunctioning, haunted car to an idealistic newlywed couple. Watch it all the way through for an unexpectedly dark ending. The episodes are extremely varied in topic — the guys go from arguing over chapstick to swallowing a whole bag of LSD.

Dealership's skits definitely fall into the crude Will Ferrell or Lonely Island brand of comedy, but they're extremely solid and consistently funny. Check out more of the episodes on their website, and support well-produced internet comedy. If $h*! My Dad Says can make it to TV, these guys definitely can someday soon.

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