Let's say you're going to hold up a gun store. You'd at least load your pistol, right? Well, someone should have told that to the two guys who tried to rob a 65-year-old gun store clerk in Kansas City yesterday. The would-be robbers asked for ammo and put $40 on the counter. Then, from the Kansas City Star:

The man pulled a blue .357 revolver with a 4-inch barrel from his waistband, pointed it at the clerk and said, "Give me your money!"

The clerk had practiced for just such an occasion. He was ready.

He zeroed in on the robber's cylinder and saw it was empty as he reached for his own gun and pulled it from its holster.

"His eyes got as big as two dinner plates," the clerk said. "Before I got mine pointed at him, he ran to the door at, like, 95 mph. I'm surprised he didn't bust the glass out of the door."

(via FARK)