Sex addiction is slowly, inevitably, becoming an accepted thing. Time frames a long article about sex addiction as a debate over whether sex addiction is truly an addiction or just dudes (mostly) being horny dudes. But, come on. When something gets on the addiction path there's no getting off: Within ten years we'll discover the gene for sex addiction, and we'll have already gone through a wave of, and backlash against, sex addiction memoirs. Mothers Against Sex Addiction will form after some sex addict crashes his car while masturbating.

The real question: How do we treat it? Here are some potential options, from the article.

  • Chemical Castration: With Chemical castration, doctors give patients a drug that kills their libido. Pro: It really works! Con: Does some crazy stuff to your body, like "feminization". Also: "castration"
  • Total Abstinence: Some sex addiction treatment programs cloister men in a temptation-free environment, taking all porn away and monitoring computer use. "As though they are boys at a midcentury parochial school, clients are instructed to not masturbate." Pro: It worked (?) for Tiger Woods. Con: A sex addict might get turned on by the schoolboy thing.
  • Support Groups: How about an Alcoholics Anonymous for sex addicts? Sex Addicts Anonymous started in the 70s and currently holds 1,200 meetings around the world. Pro: Follows a proven model. Con: Can get really, really awkward.

All of this sounds almost equally excruciating. So maybe the horrors of treatment alone will cure some guys?

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