Sunday Times foreign correspondent Marie Colvin—who was in Egypt during the uprising—says that she spoke with "medical sources," as well as an unnamed friend of CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan, who "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault" in Cairo's Tahrir square. The Australian summarizes Colvin's reporting:

After Mr Mubarak's resignation, the controls at the entrances disappeared and people who had never visited the square poured in, many of them aggressive and scornful of the political idealism of the protesters.

South African-born Logan, her crew and a security detail appear to have been surrounded near a tent city that had sprung up in the square. Logan became separated from her crew and security. One source said soldiers went in to rescue them, but Logan fell as they tried to escape. Sources in the US said the attack went on for up to 30 minutes. Her clothes were torn off and the crowd hit her and beat her with poles. Shouts of "Israeli" enraged the crowd even more.

The "shouts of 'Israeli'" were likely encouraged by reports in Egypt's state-run media that western journalists were acting as Israeli spies. According to Colvin's sources, Logan was also beaten with poles from the flags protestors had been flying in the square and aggressively pinched, leaving parts of her body "covered in red marks" that doctors originally thought were bite marks, She was, as CBS originally reported, rescued by a group of Egyptian women and soldiers, who escorted her back to her hotel.

Unsurprisingly, according to her friend, "the psychological trauma is as bad as, if not worse than, the physical injuries," and she is recovering at home with her family—though "friends expect Logan to return to the Middle East."

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