When Bart's comic strip "Angry Dad" gets a movie deal and is then nominated for a Golden Globe, the whole family hikes out to LA for awards season. Throughout the episode, the show parodies both Hollywood and famous animators.

First up was the cruel "Mixar" gang, who ganged up on Bart and Lisa (on their scooters, of course) and had Randy Newman play a song on his piano about being enemies.

Once inside, we get a glimpse of each of the animated shorts. This one is "Condiments," about a group of food items trying to break out of the kitchen.


Here's "Willis and Crumble," better known to us as the British duo Wallace and Gromit.

Ricky Gervais appeared as himself and gave a delightful monologue about tipping your bartender.


Russell Brand made a quick cameo in which he insulted both himself and Hollywood.

Here's the rest of the episode, which includes the parodies of The Triplets of Belleville and Persepolis.