Cleveland and the gang go out on the town and end up having more fun at a gay bar than they'd have on a regular evening. It did, however, lead to the gang discovering that lady-killer Terry is actually homosexual.

When they walk by two guys "Seacresting-out" they realize it's Terry and a guy (who happens to be his boyfriend) played by Justin Timberlake. Cleveland doesn't take the news well. See: "Oh, Terry!!" above.


Next, Cleveland interrogates the two, trying to wrap his head around how two gay men can be so macho. When they ask him to come over for dinner, Cleveland is completely against it until he realizes that he's being ridiculous while yelling at his sons for picking their nose.

Even at the dinner, Cleveland is mad that these two gay men aren't fitting into the stereotypes. They don't even know who Barbara Streisand is! At the end of the day, it's nice to see a television character realize that gay people are people too—even if it's only a silly cartoon by Seth MacFarlane.

We teased it late last week, but here's more of the "Flick You Goodbye" duet between Rollo and his Booger (also voiced by Timberlake.)