In what could be viewed as a vote of no confidence in director/creator Julie Taymor's ability to fix Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the producers of the creatively flailing Broadway musical (which is certainly not financially flailing) are bringing in a co-director to gently tap Taymor on the shoulder and send her back to the dugout for a bit.

The producers may have reached out to director Phil McKinley, whose only Broadway credit is The Boy from Oz, which won star Hugh Jackman a Tony. This is certainly a blow to Taymor's reputation as a standalone auteur and confirms what critics have already told us about the show's current level of quality. This also comes shortly after the news that producers were trying to get their audiences to help fix the show and are bringing in a new script writer.

So though the show is raking in money, the producers are clearly concerned about the creative aspects, which need to be at least Phantom-level decent if the show is to stay on the White Way for years to come. That's all. Just get it as good as Phantom. No one's asking for Sunday in the Park With George here. You can do it!

Update: Apparently a producer for the show told Vulture that they are not bringing on a co-director. Who to believe? A Broadway producer, or... The New York Post. Hm.

[Photo via AP]