Like so many of us, Naples, Fla. resident Hersha Howard is guilty of loving Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies. She is also, according to Naples deputies, guilty of attacking her roommate, for taking her Thin Mints.

Jasmine Wanke (the roommate) apparently gave the Thin Mints to Howard's children; this does not seem to have been an acceptable excuse to Howard, who allegedly "struck [Wanke] in the face," threatened Wanke with scissors, "picked up a board and struck" Wanke, bit Wanke "in the breast," and, after Wanke attempted to flee outside, perhaps as a kind of grand finale, "picked up a sign and struck Wanke with it several times."

Some of you reading this are likely shocked; others of you are nodding along and thinking, "this is what happens when you take someone's Thin Mints."

[ABC-7; image of Thin Mints via Josh Kenzer]