Between being an Ivy League student and having a magazine job, Blair's hands are full. This week on Gossip Girl, everything catches up to her. Luckily, Dan offers a helping hand. Perhaps this hand-lending will lead to hand-holding?

A few weeks ago, Dan resigned from his magazine internship in order to help Blair. A swamped Blair offers to rehire Dan after most of her other interns quit. Understandably, Dan has some reservations about being under Blair's thumb.

Dan decides to help Blair only if she admits she needs him. This is some hard-nosed labor negotiating from Mr. Humphrey. He could have broken the Pullman strike in half the time with this sort of bargaining (provided he had a time machine). Once Blair admits her needs, Dan jumps straight into clearing work from Blair's desk. The first task he tackles is getting flowers for some sort of drug deal plot in which Serena is involved. It is also the sort of drug deal plot that sounds better than it actually is when shown during the episode.


Dan follows Blair's orders, but a miscue on Blair's part leads him to pick up the wrong sort of flowers. Blair's downward spiral is most artfully expressed by her choice in footwear.

Blair realizes that she failed juggling school and work, so she gives up her position at the magazine. For whom does she go for comfort? Why, Dan Humphrey! On the one hand, their new found camaraderie is a shock given their previous relationship. On the other hand, this show has only so many pairings to go through before they have to pair up family members. Season five of Gossip Girl will resemble a map of the British royal family.


For as wild as it used to be, Gossip Girl has taken things down several pegs. Where there used to be Eyes Wide Shut gatherings, we now have falling asleep on the couch watching old movies.