Last night's Greek caper was a classic tale of betrayal, truths revealed, and shirtless Dales aplenty.

Over in the wondrous world of Law School, a wondrous place in which professors date your besties and you only have one class, Evan and Casey have become frenemies of the highest order. Having been assigned to defend opposite ends of a case in a mock trial, the gloves, as Evanescence declared in a temper tantrum last episode, are truly off. Casey and Katherine suit up to defeat Evan and that Other Guy who is desperate for more lines. But TWIST! The sides that each pair have been assigned to defend are switched. Thankfully, Katherine takes over when Casey begins to spiral out of control, thereby reminding me why she is the best character on the show.

[There was a video here]

I feel with every fiber of my being that no one cares about the ongoing feud between Omega Chi and Kappa Tau, but regardless, the show is determined to give the people what they don't care about! In a kind of tacit agreement that has existed among us, characters and viewers alike, we've known that something fishy was afoot with Dale's recent Omega Chi bid- I mean, it's Dale! Unfortunately, tonight those doubts were validated when we learned that Dale was a merely a pawn Trip Ye Ol' Fire Crotch's evil plan to get back at Rusty for something he did last fall of '93. But it's more than this: Omega Chis is out to overthrow ZBZ in place of Gamma Psi, and that wretched screech demon, Natalie, is back at the helm of Gamma Psi. It is indeed an unsettling time for all in Cyprus Hill. Thankfully however, we did get to see the prank on Dale play out in a really inappropriately adorable manner in which Rusty, Cal, and Dale dance shirtless for what I felt was for my viewing pleasure only.

[There was a video here]

Oh and also. Ashley is still intertwined in the strange relationship with "Si," the single single Law Professor at CRU. In a truly Pretty Woman-ish moment, in which Sir Simon presses his credit card into fair Ash's hand, and she begins to doubt her career aspirations and wonder if she could and should settle for the Professor's Wife career instead. Professors, you see, make millions and millions of moneys, which is why this choice is so difficult for her to make. She imagines herself dining with Michelle Obama and frankly, who could say no to that? Thankfully she comes to her senses and ends this ridiculous co-mingling. Which means, lucky for Rusty, that Ashley is wide open.

Next week is the second to last episode and, do I even have to say it- you would be down right insane to miss out.