Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi expanded on his brief but legendary comments from yesterday in a much longer address to the nation today. He rambled for well over an hour about random stuff, much like he did in his first speech to the United Nations in 2009. For example: "It's impossible for the youth to follow anyone else. If not Qaddafi, who else would they follow? Somebody with a beard?" Yes. Wait, what?

He also sort of vowed to kill everyone. From the Guardian liveblog:

Putting a different pair of glasses on, he reads from a book on law: "Any Libyan who lifts an arm shall be punished with the death sentence. Those who spy for other countries shall be punished with the death sentence. Anybody who undermines the sovereignty of the state" – same punishment. Those who commit crimes against the army, anyone working for a foreign country undermining the defence of the country – same punishment. "We will not blame the youth," he says, but adds: when they are caught and prosecuted they will be begging for mercy but this time we will not be so merciful.

The United Nations is still figuring out what to do about this guy, who has been attacking his own people with helicopters, warplanes, and ships. The Arab League, too, is holding an emergency meeting. So expect several more sternly worded letters to be issued over the next 24 hours while Qaddafi kills off the last remaining citizens.

[Image via AP]