This week's episode of The Bachelor was the dreaded "meet the parents" episode! Yes, Brad went to each of the four finalist's hometowns and met the family. Or in Shawntel's case—the funeral home she works at.

But let's start with the cute stuff. Brad's first visit was to Chantal's Seattle home—which was filled with pets. She claims they're a dealbreaker and insists on bringing them to Austin with Brad. Normally I'd side with the man on this kind of arguement, but did you see how cute her dog Boca is? That's some Boo or Giggy style of cute dogs. Aww's x infinity.

Now here's the clip you've been waiting for—Brad's visit to the funeral home. I think the video speaks for itself, really. Just keep in mind as you watch that Shawntel's family—particularly her father—is dead-set on keeping her in town forever to "run the family business."


He visited to Maine to meet Ashley's family—who were just as positive, bouncy, and loud as she is. Incredible!

His last trip was to meet Emily and her daughter, which went well enough—save the fact that Brad refused to kiss her with her child sleeping upstairs.


In the shocker of the century, Brad sent home Shawntel—which we'd been waiting for since the very first day she mentioned her occupation. Still, it's sad that no man has ever treated her as nicely as Brad Womack did.