HIMYM gave us some big plot reveals in last night's episode. Without being too spoiler-ly, Marshall and Lily make some big life changes, Barney takes a stab at actual dating, and Ted's love life is about to change.

Barney went out on a date with Nora, but when she tried to give him her number instead of getting drinks, he thought it was a bad sign. Throughout the episode Robin encourages him to give Nora a chance—which really just annoyed me because I was so badly for Barney and Robin to get back together.


Meanwhile, Ted runs into a heartbroken captain—and finds out that he's actually "the bad guy" in the situation.

Marshall decides that he wants to quit his job, save the environment, and hold off on having kids... and in doing so, puts Wendy the Waitress and the guy he just got fired from GNB together. And guess what? Zoey's not the mother! (I admit, I was wrong—but I hate Ted's character and felt that he and Zoey were boring and lame and perfect for each other.) And we find out that he will actually meet his wife at this wedding that's been teased all season long. Who's wedding is it? Do we even care? I suppose we care because we'll finally meet the Mother, but I'm much more interested in seeing Marshall pursue his dream and for Barney to go back to perusing Robin.