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Dave Franco (little brother of James) teams up with Emma Roberts (niece of Julia) in a music video for Cults' "Go Outside," thereby answering any lingering questions about whether Dave would follow in his brother's film freak footsteps. In Dave's words:

The story revolves around a film fanatic who's obsessed with the work of Jean Luc Godard. It reminds me of how music videos used to be. There is a narrative, and it feels more like a short film than a traditional music video.

Namedrops Godard, romanticizes the past, is related to James Franco, co-stars in a "short film" with a transclucent waif-like heiress dressed in New Wave drag? Come back to shore, Dave! You're too deep!

That said, I sheepishly admit to loving this song. [EW, MTV]