Senator Harry Reid shocked some people yesterday during his speech to the Nevada legislature when he told the audience, "The time has come for us to outlaw prostitution." Brothel owners, prostitutes and fans of prostitution were very upset.

After Reid's speech, most of which was about things that actually matter, the owner of Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Dennis Hof, staked out his position to reporters in true cowboy pimp fashion: "Harry Reid will have to pry the cathouse keys from my cold, dead hands." The state has 28 legal brothels, and rural counties can vote on whether or not to allow them, so people are scratching their heads as to why Reid would even bring this up now.

We've got Harry Reid's undoubtedly exciting memoir The Good Fight sitting atop the "to read" list, but did you know that in it he says he learned to swim as a kid at a whorehouse in Searchlight, Nevada? Doesn't take much to figure that one out, Harry.

[Politico; image via Getty]