You may be familiar with Brooklyn cookbook author Lisa Skye's seminal maize-affection work I Love Corn. That wasn't the only "I [Heart] [Type of Food]" idea that Skye had up her sleeve. She also loves bacon! But when she told her book agent that, Skye says, the agent ran off and stole the idea.

"The thought that Jayne would steal my idea never crossed my mind. It's so blatant, I'm surprised she did it," Skye told The Post. "It's not like she wrote, 'Bacon Rocks' or 'Bacon's Really Great.'"

No: her agent, Jayne Rockmill, put out a book entitled, yes, I Love Bacon. In her own name. Skye tells the New York Post that she "literally went into shock" and "was paralyzed."

Is this the nation in which we want to live? A nation in which our persons of letters must literally be driven into a state of shock and suffer paralysis at the greedy thieving machinations of book agents? A nation in which those at the forefront of culinary adulation are forced to roll around in wheelchairs for the mere crime of inspiring new and more amazing food crushes? A nation in which bacon inspires thoughts of not only love—but hatred?