In a cleavage-baring top and chunky jewelry, Lindsay Lohan reported to court today court for the grand theft of a $2000 necklace. Per usual, the appearance was livestreamed on TMZ. The judge announced that if Lindsay Lohan accepts a plea bargain—as her lawyer has said she'd like to do—it will have to include jail time. "If you plead in front of me, you are going to jail, period. If the case settles here, you will go to jail," Judge Keith Schwartz said. Worrying about whether the ruined starlet would become a "repeat offender," he asked for "additional psychological information" and made his lack of interest in LiLo's celebrity clear:

There are things you need to understand. I've never met you, you've never met me outside of this court to my knowledge. I don't care that you're Lindsay Lohan.

LiLo will return to court on March 10, at which point she can either accept a plea or choose to stand trial. (LiLo trial! How amazing would that be? I doubt Shawn Chapman Holley would let that happen, though.) If found guilty she could get up to one year in prison.

As soon as Lindsay's appearance ended, TMZ's livestream switched to footage of Michael Lohan, who is now having a press conference. Of course. [TMZ, image via Getty]

Additional reporting by Gawker intern Lindsay MaHarry, who we forced to watch the livestream.