The Daily Show's coverage of the protests in Madison, Wisconsin hasn't used any of its rumored "camel footage" yet, and this YouTube clip may show you why. The show thought it would be funny to bring a camel to the protests on Monday, presumably as some sort of joke about how the issues there are so puny compared to what's going down in the Middle East. But Madison blogger Jack Craver got footage of the camel slipping in the ice and slush, moaning, and falling down along with the barricade surrounding it. Daily Show correspondent John Oliver briefly walks in front of Craver, too, suggesting he turn the camera off. Oh, that John Oliver! (Yikes.)

Eventually some firefighters came to help escort the camel to safety, though, and it didn't break anything. Maybe The Daily Show is still sitting on some footage to air tonight or tomorrow? Hopefully not! The "Madison is just like Cairo" thing, which the show ran with Monday night, doesn't have much comedic potential anymore.

[via the AV Club]