Today at Gawker.TV, Ann Curry lets a naughty word fly on Today, Amy Sedaris stars on Raising Hope, Melissa Leo's 1985 All My Children catfight, Amy Poehler's road rage, and preview Countess LuAnn's half-naked Law & Order: SVU appearance.

The Daily Show's Kristen Schaal Links Abortion to Every Federally Funded Organization
Skewering the GOP Representatives who voted to ban federal funding for Planned Parenthood because the organization also provides abortions, Kristen Schaal suggested other government groups that could be abortion-related.

Hear Ann Curry Tell Al He Looks "Damn Dapper" and Then React to Her On-Air Swearing
It's okay Ann, we don't really count the word "damn" as a swear anymore but it's totally cute that you do.

Amy Poehler Flips Off the Late Show Audience While Describing Her Road Rage
While driving in Los Angeles, Amy "goes bananas" and "so Boston" out of complete rage with her kids sitting in the backseat. After her tales of road rage, she spoke a bit about Gawker.TV favorite Parks and Recreation.

Amy Sedaris Stars on Raising Hope as Virgina's Horrible, Horny Cousin
From a young age, Virginia and her cousin Delila (played by Amy Sedaris) have been enemies. She's a crazy pharmaceutical rep (who's recently had a botched aerola-reduction surgery) and is back to get her slice of the family estate.

Jared Leto: "I Can Do Whatever the F*ck I Want"
In the understatement of the year, Jared Leto acknowledges that yes, maybe he is a little bit of a "weird guy." After discussing his wardrobe penchant for wearing skirts, Jared goes on to talk about making his "sexual" new music video and short film, Hurricane.

Here's Oscar Nominee Melissa Leo's Epic Catfight From All My Children in 1985
Before she was in The Fighter, she was fighting other ladies over a guy named Zach on All My Children. We have to give her major props for being so fiercely intense in kicking this girl's butt.

The Farrelly Brothers and Jimmy Fallon Snap Each Other's Earlobes with Rubber Bands
Right after marveling at how Fallon has hit the big time with his talk show, the sibling comedy directors share their favorite technique for keeping up energy levels on set.

Teen Mom: Kailyn's Awful Life Explained With a Super Mario Brothers Analogy
While we can all agree that Kailyn has the worst life ever, it's become increasingly obvious that most of her problems stem from the fact that she's stuck living in Jo's parent's giant plastic house.

Real Housewives‘ Countess LuAnn Previews Her Nude Scene in Tonight's Law & Order: SVU
Tonight on Law & Order: SVU, fans of the Real Housewives of New York City will get a special surprise: a half-naked LuAnn De Lesseps! She'll play an artist's muse that's shown wearing only a sheet for some time. Hooray?