Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito, the two Brooklyn high school teachers who were fired after a janitor allegedly caught them in flagrante delicto (lesbian edition) right in a classroom, are suing the City of New York for $2 million. Their reputations have now been ruined, as people think they are sexxxy lesbians! When in fact, they say, Mauro was "simply
tending to Brito's needs by giving her candy and sugar," hahahahaha. True quote (of the year)!

This lawsuit raises a very interesting conundrum: Mauro and Brito say they were slandered. Meaning that they didn't have hot lesbian sex right in the classroom at all, it's all a lie. Which would you rather have, hypothetically: a hot lesbian sex classroom fantasy come to life, or $2 million? If you could only have one. I mean you could probably buy your own sex fantasy for much less than $2 million, but we're speaking in a philosophical manner here.

Mauro and Brito are opting for the $2 million. Unless... unless they're trying to have it both ways, secretly.