Has life got you suffering from palate fatigue? Well, nothing can bring your pop-cultural taste buds back to life like a Top Chef commenter live blog, I always say. Our latest one is about to start, so why not join us?

Here's how participate, if you've never pulled up a chair with us before: First, grab your laptop or computer keyboard and tune your TV to tonight's episode, which airs on Bravo at 10 pm Eastern. Then join the rest of us as we all post our reactions to what's happening on-screen in the comments section below this post. You'll be happily chewing the fat with us in no time!

To give you an idea of how it works, here's a sampling of a few of the tastiest quips posted during last week's live blog:

  • The_Obvious: Hey Mike, don't eat too many cookies, they go straight to your neck.
  • Capt.Snarky: What, no liquid nitrogen Richard? Oh, right. Target doesn't sell that.
  • robina the first: If Carla, the First Lady of Fraggle Rock, goes home on the same night the Muppets paid a visit, it will just be cruel.
  • Pop Socket: "Bravolebrity?" Like "fetch," it's just never happening.
  • boricuaintexas: Angelo's palate got fatigued. I blame Mike.
  • Formerly-Mymoustache: I own that creole seasoning!
  • Formerly-Mymoustache: I just threw out that creole seasoning!
  • karhozat: Tiff, I like you but five times in the bottom is enough.
  • rodmanstreet: @karhozat: That's what she said!
  • dippitydoo: Angelo, please pack your socks and go.

For those of you who want to sample even more live blog quips, check out these memorable comments from last week's party. And for those of you seeking the skinny on what's in store on tonight's episode, here's selection of highlights I've gleaned from watching Bravo's preview clips:

  • A quickfire deep-frying contest will be judged by Paula Deen, that reigning queen of southern comfort food who was once famously felled by a frozen ham. Let's see if Richard Blais can figure out how to deep-fry with liquid nitrogen.
  • The last six eliminated chefs will make a return appearance to help out in the kitchen. Sadly, this will probably just remind us how much more interesting this group of eliminated chefs is compared to most of the group that's still competing.
  • The chefs will serve seafood at an event that benefits fisherman whose livelihoods were hurt by the gulf oil spill. I guess this helps make up for that Season 5 two-part finale in New Orleans that contained nothing to acknowledge or benefit the city's Katrina victims. Way to work on that karma, Top Chef!

OK gang, it's time for us all to start preparing our palates, because this fat-mastication-fest is about to get started. I'll see you in the comments!

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