Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert fake-murders a puppy to show the ugly side of unions, Jason Sudeikis turns his Conan interview into a frat party, the Toddlers & Tiaras finale, and lots of audience-heckling by Regis Philbin and Joel McHale.

Jason Sudekis Brings Blazing Hot Chicken Wings and Natty Light to His Conan Interview
Seeing Jason Suedkis on Conan last night felt more like watching fraternity brothers hanging out than a television interview. Not that we're complaining! He brought along some super-spicy Buffalo Wild Wings from Flastbush Avenue, Brooklyn and frat-boy staple Natural Light.

Regis Philbin Heckles Child in His Audience For Shouting "Ew" at the Sight of Regis' Open Wound
What's with it with talk show hosts showing us their blood lately? Yesterday it was Jimmy Fallon going under the knife on Dr. Oz and today Regis took off his band-aid to reveal an open wound.

Jay and Silent Bob Reunite on Attack of the Show!
Say what you will about Kevin Smith, but the man gives a great interview. This clip has it all: Mallrats, Jason Mewes, the Westboro Baptist Church, Jupids, and a first-person account of Friday's "incident" on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Fox and Friends Interviews a Vampire About Banks
Fox News reaches new levels of absurdity with this interview, featuring a man who foreclosed on his own bank. No mention of the fact that this guy happens to be a vampire.

Joel McHale Heckles Newlyweds on the Late Late Show
McHale continued his streak of heckling poor, unsuspecting audience members (remember Jesse?) last night when he poked fun at the newlyweds sitting in the front row.

Watch Three Dating Contestants Eat Dirt, Glue, and a Whole Stick of Butter All For the Sake of Love
You have to feel bad for Alfonzo, who was probably hoping to nab a normal(ish) date out of his participation on Baggage. Little did he know that his three dating choices had a trifecta of bizarre eating habits.

Toddlers & Tiaras Season Finale is Our Last Rodeo
Grab yer spurs and saddles, kids! This finale-train is headed for the rodeo. All aboard!

Colbert Exposes the Ugliness of Unions by Putting a Puppy in a Wood Chipper
On board with the Tea Party's plan to infiltrate the nationwide union protests, Stephen Colbert took time out of last night's show to impersonate a union goon and pretend-murder an adorable puppy.

Modern Family: "You Look Like a Tijuana Prostitute"
On this week's Modern Family, Phil and Claire have a huge fight that somehow involves a fire extinguisher and a wedge salad (and a lot of recaps). Also, Claire sounds like a prostitute at the mall masseuse.