Remember when all those people left Ireland thanks to the potato famine and then your grandparents would never shut up about it? Uh oh, it's happening again! (The leaving Ireland part.)

Ireland's Central Statistics Office predicts that 100,000 people will emigrate over the next two years, more than twice the number that left in 2009 and 2010. That comes to about 1,000 per week, and exceeds the last peak in emigration in 1989 when 44,000 people moved away.

Because there's no jobs, you see. And you know Ireland is just a "wee" place, as they say, so the more the people that move out, the emptier and suckier it gets, and the higher the taxes are for everyone else, and then they want to move out, and it's all a very vicious spiral.

The upside is you finally get to have a coworker named "Declan," just as you've always wanted.

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