The Situation pulled a prank on Deena and Snooki this week on Indepedent Spirit Award-Winning Jersey Shore. Why did he pull this prank? Well, we don't know, but probably because his job involves day-drinking and day-drinking spawns expensive, elaborate pranks.

[There was a video here]

The Situation's elaborate prank involved calling a cab for Snooki and Deena and telling them it would take them to a club in Seaside Heights, but instead he paid the driver to take them to Times Square in New York City! I guess that's a prank? If I find myself in Jersey I hope the Situation will prank me by calling a Cadillac to take me back to the City.

What I don't get is that it took Snooki and Deena one hour to find out they weren't going to a club in Seaside. One hour! How do you not notice the cab getting on the freeway and driving in the opposite direction of where you're supposed to go? Sigh. When our two meatballs did figure out the Situation's clever plan they were not pleased with it. They were not pleased with it one bit. The two swear on Snooki's cat's grave that they will never talk to the Situation again. Because this prank was just too mean. Then they make the cab driver turn right back around to Seaside. Why they didn't do this two hours ago remains a mystery but there you have it. They stop at a liquor store on the turnpike on the way back, get really drunk and forget about the whole thing. It's just another day for our meatball heroines. A day of defiling the grave of a cat and getting shwasty in the back of a Cadillac.