Porn 'n t-shirt purveyor American Apparel has been in serious financial trouble for months now. Its clearest path to rescue was to find an outside investor—but conventional wisdom said that that would only happen if crazy CEO Dov Charney gave up some control. Dov objected to that idea! But now he's apparently seen the light.

The New York Post says that A.A. is "in advanced talks" to hire Marty Staff, the former CEO of Joseph Abboud, to be Dov's number two exec. Not quite a "Dov retires to his private breast-shaped island made of cocaine and leaves the company to the businesspersons," but a step in the right direction. But can this suit-and-tie guy really fit in at American Apparel?

Staff hosted a party with NBA stars and "Sopranos" cast members to launch a new line of $1,000 Joseph Abboud suits. He showed up wearing army fatigues, a "D.A.R.E. To Keep Kids Off Drugs" T-shirt, and dozens of Silly Bandz stretched around his tattooed arms.

Hmm. Keep the Silly Bandz, lose the rest of the clothes. You'll be fine.

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