Today at Gawker.TV, Kathie Lee and Hoda eat actual dog food, Stephen Colbert announces he won't run for president, an homage to 90s George Michael on Community, and Paula Deen is a rowdy drunk on the Today Show.

Is Paula Deen Drunk In This Today Show Clip?
Either Paula Deen is high from suckin' on heads of shrimp or she's knocked back a few early-morning drinks in at the Food Network's Wine and Food festival. Paula blames it on "eye problems" but Meredith sees right through it.

Snooki Brings Shots, Fried Pickles and "Team Meatballs" to Her Interview With Jimmy Fallon
It was shots! shots! shots! on last night's Late Night when Snooki brought along fried pickles and a round of shots to the interview. Wait a minute, is Snooki taking cues from Jason Sudekis?

Parks and Recreation: Ann Perkins Gets Dumped
Last night's episode of Parks and Recreation is the last of episodes that were shot last spring—so it's only natural that there were cliffhangers a-plenty at the end of the episode.

Wendy Williams Shames John Travolta For Breaking the Cardinal Rule in Wig-Wearing
According to Wendy Williams, the golden rule in wig-wearing must have slipped John Travolta's mind when photographed sans hairpiece recently. Ultimately, she poses the real question looming over our heads: will Travolta's wig show itself come Oscar Sunday?

Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda Eat Dog Food on Today
After refusing at first, Kathie Lee decides that because Frank used to eat dog food during the war era when his family was poverty-stricken, she'd try—but not without saying she'd bring it home "to bring back some memories" first.

Community: Introduction to Political Theory
Vice President Joe Biden is making a tour of the local community college campuses and is set to meet with the Dean and the student body president. One problem: Greendale has no student body president. Quick, to the make-shift elections!

Stephen Colbert Announces that He's Not Running For President in 2012
During a segment about the many Republican "caucus-teases," Stephen took a highly-decorated moment to make an important announcement: that's he's not running for President in 2012!

Todd Packer Returns to Complete Michael's Journey on The Office
The Office this week dipped into the show's past to bring back the show's most repugnant character, the bawdy and disgusting Todd Packer. He fools Holly into giving him a job, thus setting up a pretty important test of character for Michael.

LeVar Burton Stops By The Big Bang Theory and Promptly Leaves
Last night's The Big Bang Theory brought Sheldon severely out of his comfort zone when the group starts to eat their dinners at Raj's. What about tradition?! What about Thursdays?! What about LeVar Burton?!