The University of California San Diego was the scene of America's goofiest college race war last year. It started with a "KKK-style hood" placed atop a statue of Dr. Seuss, then progressed to a funny ha-ha white frat boy "Compton Cookout," which was followed by the typical earnest college-style protests and tortured soul-searching rhetoric. Oh we forgot about the noose in the library! That happened, too.

We're sad/ happy to report that after a long year of teach-ins and who knows how many overly serious statements concocted by faculty committees, the specter of Stupid Things with Unfortunate Racial Overtones That Were Probably the Brainchild of a Drunk Fraternity Member from Orange County has reared its ugly head once again:

Someone hit "reply all" on an administration e-mail to all students about an upcoming survey - something that's not supposed to be allowed. The subject line on the unauthorized e-mail blast was "penis" and the sole word in the message text was the plural of the N-word in all capital letters.

We are making a very stern face to conceal our joy at the prospects of several weeks worth of remarkably dumb stories out of UCSD. We beg of you, UCSD: email us any future dumb things immediately. Do it for equality.

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