This week's Soup was full of win: poking fun at Charlie Sheen, Jesse James new book, a staff-wide parody of an epic scene from Birdemic, and an NBC "The More You Know" moment about butt-chugging from Law & Order: SVU.

The show also highlighted a new movie called Birdemic—which is "on fucking Blue Ray," as Joel points out. Above is the epic "board room scene" — which The Soup's staff continues to act out. It even ends with Community's Chang!

While most of us were blinded by Countess LuAnn's time on Law & Order: SVU this week, there was also this little gem about butt-chugging. Butt-chugging!? If you're not familiar, take a look at Gawker.TV's foray into investigative reporting from last year by Frank Cozzarelli and Elaine Moran.