Congress, after taking all of last week off, now finds itself with only four days left to fund the federal government before everything shuts down. And, of course, the House Republicans and Senate Democrats are nowhere near reaching a final agreement. So what's the plan? Oh, you know this: Pass a bill that stalls for another two weeks!

Senate Democrats and the Obama administration seem willing to go along with House Republicans' plan to pass a continuing resolution keeping spending at current budget levels through March 18, while making $4 billion in cuts. It's very important in Washington these days that even if Congress simply needs another couple of weeks to put together a budget for the next seven months, it makes sure to fuck over government services to the prorated tune of $4 billion. It's crucial to punch at least a few poor people on the way to an agreement, if you're serious about tackling the many trillions of dollars in accrued public debt.

Politico interprets this news like so: "The budget scoreboard so far: Republicans 1, Democrats 0." Whatever the hell that means, it's probably true.

[Image via AP]