Wonkette, which busted the shocking story of Sarah Palin's secret Facebook account wide open last week, has another installment in its investigative series on Palin's hamfisted attempts to establish fake private social media accounts: She has a private Twitter. And it's named @mckinely777, after America's tallest mountain and God's favorite numbers. Except she spelled "McKinley" wrong.

Palin never used the account to "tweet" anything, but she did use it to follow the three most important things in her life: Herself, the Drudge Report, and Newt Gingrich. Wonkette found it the same way it discovered the "Lou Sarah" Facebook account—by fishing around with her e-mail address, which was mistakenly published in a leaked copy of her former aide's tell-all. Except whereas Facebook will automatically serve up a page associated with an e-mail address you search for, Wonkette's discovery of her Twitter account required Palin's active participation.

Last Monday night, after we plugged the e-mail address into Facebook, we went to Twitter. Twitter lets you see if there are accounts registered to the e-mail addresses in your e-mail contacts. So we added the Palin Gmail to our contacts and were able to see that she had an account, but we weren't able to see what it was. Twitter will only let you see a contact's account is if she allows herself to be found by her e-mail address. So we clicked to request the user to allow herself to be found by e-mail.

Between then and the time we put up the post on the Facebook account the following morning, we never checked to see if Palin clicked the button on the e-mail that arrived in her Gmail box asking her to allow herself to be found on Twitter. But apparently she really is that dumb, because when we looked at Twitter again yesterday, we were able to see what profile is registered to that Gmail account.

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