Watson, the IBM supercomputer know-it-all asshole that crushed its meager human competition a few weeks ago on Jeopardy!, has some new flesh-and-blood to feast on tonight: Four members of Congress. Unfortunately, the carnage won't be televised. Humans still have a tenuous control over the airwaves, which Watson's cold, dangerously self-aware claws have yet to conquer. And these humans don't want their humiliation broadcast across the country. C'mon, you four! We'd understand.

IBM is holding a Watson demonstration in Washington tonight to "demonstrate how technology impacts lives." (It feasts on them, duh.) Reps. Rush Holt, Jim Himes, Nan Hayworth and Bill Cassidy will supposedly face off against the machine, however briefly. So how is the morale among our elected human troops? Well, Rep. Holt tweeted the following this afternoon: "Tonight I get to play Jeopardy! against the colossus Watson. Fortunately it's just for fun & my humiliation will not be televised." Vote him out! No actually we like Rush Holt, even if he is a pussy when it comes to man-v-robot warfare.

[Image via AP]