It's a promising day for humans! For one among us, New Jersey Rep. Rush Holt, has thwarted the march of the machines. That's right: Holt actually beat the IBM supercomputer Watson at Jeopardy! last night. So all that talk yesterday about how glad he was that his "humiliation" wouldn't be televised just served to lower expectations, knowing all along that he'd stomp that crappy robot. Hey IBM? It's time to throw Watson in the trash.

But what if Rush Holt is lying? Where's the video proof? You know, Kim Jong-il once told the North Korean state news agency that he shot five holes-in-one playing a round of golf. But did anyone see video proof of that? Exact same situation here. For now, though, we'll give Holt — an actual rocket scientist who won five rounds on Jeopardy! like 30 years ago — the benefit of the doubt.

All hail Rush Holt: Destroyer of machines, savior of New Jersey.

[Image via AP]