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Andy Cohen has finally gone too far. The Bravo exec and culture gadabout was on Morning Joe today discussing, among other things, the Oscars, and went into a mini-tirade about the end of the show, when Staten Island's own PS 22 chorus, a group of adorable tear-inducing school children, came out and sang.

"It was the worst. I was looking for a knife to stick in my eyes, it was so terrible," Cohen said loudly, laughing and wheezing as, somewhere, hundreds of tiny hearts broke. Andy Cohen has given us many gifts in the past (of questionable value as they may ultimately be), so we owe him debts of thanks, but this! This we cannot ignore. For shame, Mr. Cohen. I mean, how can anyone insult these marvelous cherubs of joy and light and wistfulness? (Watch that without crying. I dare you.) I don't care if all he was saying was that they weren't right for the Oscars. No sassy-snide point about entertainment nonsense is worth making if it might upset nice children who sing nice things. For shame, Goody Cohen. May you be dragged to the town square and pressed with rocks.

[via NYT]