Today at Gawker.TV, we learn that Arianna Huffington once pinched Jimmy Kimmel's behind, Colbert takes on skinny jeans for men, Drag Race morphs into Heathers, and Howard Stern and Jon Stewart debate whether Glenn Beck or Charlie Sheen is craziest.

Howard Stern and Jon Stewart Ponder "Who's Crazier: Charlie Sheen or Glenn Beck?"
On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and Howard Stern discussed the relative craziness of Charlie Sheen and Glenn Beck, with Jon remarking that Charlie is crazier, as you can "fleck off his skin and smoke it like meth." Gross, but hilarious

Jimmy Kimmel Tells Bill Maher About the Time Arianna Huffington Pinched His Butt
Back in the days when Jimmy Kimmel was a mere sidekick on Win Ben Stein's Money, the host had an awkward encounter with Arianna Huffington. Last night, he told Bill Maher about the time she flirtatiously pinched his behind.

Stephen Colbert Gives a Wag of the Finger to Levi's Snug-Fitting "Ex-Girlfriend Jeans"
Stephen took some time to talk about Levi's new extra slim-fitting jeans for men. They're "super-snug all over" and "spray-on fit." As he put it, "there were baggier pants on the dudes in Black Swan."

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Discuss "Sheening" Their Balls Off with Letterman
Last night Dave welcomed the creators of South Park as they promote their Broadway Show The Book of Mormon that eventually turned into the constant use of "Sheening" as a reference for drug use.

Skins Catches a Mean Case of Chlamydia
All of that sleeping around has finally caught up with the kids of Skins and everybody, everybody, has got themselves an STD. Well, maybe not everybody, but Lesbian Tea, Smooth Tony and Hot Michelle sure do!

How I Met Your Mother: Barney Discovers His Heart, Robin Dates a Dog, and Sandwiches Galore
In last night's installment of HIMYM, we learn that Barney actually has a heart, albeit during a cheesy scene in a hospital room in which the doctor tells him "Your heart literally skipped a beat!" Also: Robin dates a dog!

Katy Perry Sings "Firework" With the PS 22 Choir
Even though she was suspiciously absent from the Oscars (Russell Brand brought his Mother as his date) Katy Perry somehow made it back to town to sing her hit song with the PS 22 kids during Oprah's post-Oscar special.

RuPaul's Drag Race Takes a Page Out of Heathers
The gulf between contestants has been particularly wide this season on Drag Race and last night it got even wider with the queens sectioning off into two distinct groups: the helpful albeit less polished ones and the popular Heathers.

Conan Is the First Late Night Host to Dig Into Charlie Sheen
Having a show at 11 has its privileges. In this case, its good in the even that Charlie Sheen says a bunch of random stuff on television and everybody is waiting for people to professionally make fun of him.