Convicted murderer Vinny Gorgeous... the poor guy just can't win. First it was the "cold and moist" jail cell that was presumably bad for the hairdo. Now, the guy has to borrow ties from the judge for his latest first-degree murder trial, according to the Post:

Federal Bureau of Prisons guards committed a fashion faux pas yesterday when they turned away a daily delivery of neckties to Bonanno mob boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano — causing him to borrow a Brooks Brothers tie from the judge.

And that's not even the worst part. This is the same judge who Vinny had to borrow a shirt and tie from in his previous murder trial, too. This time, Vinny thought he'd caught a break by being granted "up to five sets of clothing" for court, but apparently some asshole at the prison doesn't think this includes ties. This latest fashion fiasco caused one of Vinny's lawyers to speak up: "Brooks Brothers is quite fashionable, your honor. Do you want to entertain a formal motion for Paul Stuart?" Ha! Who knew that a first-degree murder trial could be so funny? And really, what kind of self respecting mobster goes to court without a fucking tie?

Mobsters just don't get the same level of respect that they used to.

[Image via AP]