Today at Gawker.TV, Piers Morgan gives the inside scoop on his interview with Charlie Sheen, Miley's first Saturday Night Live promos, Donald Trump talks politics, and we finally understand the marriage between Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen.

Donald Trump Will Fix This Country Once He Is President
On Regis and Kelly this morning, The Donald discussed the serious possibility of running for President in order to "fix this great country" of ours. And what better way to garner votes than by using scare tactics?

Watch the First Round of Saturday Night Live Promos with Miley Cyrus and Kenan Thompson
These promos are admittedly bad (Kenan really steals the show) but we at least get to see Miley Cyrus say "pretty cool." But wait, what do we have to look forward to on Saturday, then?

Piers Morgan Gives Conan the Inside Scoop on His Interview With Charlie Sheen
The first problem with Piers Morgan's live interview with Charlie Sheen—a "squeaky bum moment," as Piers put it—was that Charlie didn't even show up until 5 minutes before they went live. From there, it was television gold.

B.J. Novak Recalls Meeting Michael Jackson
The man who plays The Office's Ryan showed up on the Late Show last night and regaled us with stories about his start as a stand-up comic, his father's ghostwriting career, and ...a dinner with Michael Jackson?

Charlie Sheen on the Today Show: "Nothing but Love and Compassion" in His Home
tIn a live interview with Today, Charlie Sheen reacted to his ex-wife having police remove their two sons from his home. Sheen said the care in his home is "100,000 times than what's going to be offered in her house."

Wendy Williams Stars on Today's One Life to Live as a News Reporter
James Franco's not the only one who can drop in on a soap opera anytime he wants to! Today on One Life to Live, Wendy Williams opened the show with an Access Hollywood-like news show about the town of Llanview.

Isla Fisher Talks About Being Married to Borat and the Spiders that Lived in Her Hair
Suddenly, Isla Fisher's marriage to Sascha Baron Cohen makes so much sense. In her Late Night interview, she talked about what her husband tells her about his workday—and when a spider lived in her hair for a week.

Aasif Mandvi Contemplates Batman's Muslim Sidekick on The Daily Show
Batman's new sidekick—Nightrunner—happens to be a Muslim, and some folks are unhappy. What if he becomes a jihadist? But, Daily Show correspondant Aasif Mandvi has more of a problem with Nightrunner's lame powers ...specifically parkour.

Matthew Perry Has a "Friends With Benefits" Relationship With Matt LeBlanc's Girlfriend
On his new show Mr. Sunshine, that is! On The View, Perry discussed his new show, defined "friends with benefits" for Barbara, and revealed how confusing and awesome it is that he gets to kiss Matt LeBlanc's girlfriend on set.

Josh Radnor Shows Off His Juggling Skills on Late Night
At one point in his life, Josh Radnor held the record for "Fastest Beer Chug While Juggling." Obviously, this led to Jimmy passing him random objects from his desk for Josh to juggle. Despite being "irregular," he did a pretty good job!

Candace Cameron Can't Escape Her Full House Past in Access Hollywood Interview
When Candace Cameron appeared on Access Hollywood Live to talk about her book, all Billy and Kit wanted to talk about was Full House. Do her kids watch the show? (Yes.) Didn't Uncle Joey introduce her to her husband? (Yes.)

In Case You Missed It: Paul Rudd, Eva Mendez and Rosario Dawson Grope Each Others Naughty Parts
Well, this was certainly one of the more interesting moments from Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards: while reading off a list of nominees, Paul Rudd grabbed Eva Mendez' boob and when the cameras came back, Rosario Dawson was holding Rudd's junk.