In the sun-scorched cauldron of violence and hatred that is Arizona, humans are no longer able to procure sustenance without fighting off rabid beasts driven half-mad by the incessant, life-sucking heat. A family in Yuma arrived home and opened their door, only to be overtaken by a black dog rushing past them into the artificial sanctuary of their air-conditioned apartment, made cool by burning vast quantities of fossil fuels which will, ironically, cause our dying planet to become even hotter over time. The interspecies showdown quickly devolved:

When they went to the fridge to get some food to try to lure the dog outside, the animal jumped in the appliance and refused to come out.

Firefighters found the small black terrier-type dog crouched on the bottom shelf, snapping at anyone who approached.

The authorities eventually corralled the brute and returned him to his natural habitat, the Office of Senator John McCain.

[NYT; photo: Flickr]