On tonight's installment of Top Chef All Stars, the cheftestant's family members were brought on for a very emotional challenge - to craft a dish that referenced each chef's heritage.

Genealogy experts traced each chef's family history (possibly as a subtle nod to NBC's Ancestry.com-commercial-masquerading-as-a-show Who Do You Think You Are?) and revealed some interesting facts about our favorite competitors. Like, Richard Blais' ancestors were both chemists and meat market owners, which, duh, makes a lot of sense in hindsight. And Carla was proud to discover that her great-great-grandfather fought as a soldier in the US Army Colored Troops in the Civil War. But the real revelation came when the two remaining Italian chefs - Jersey Mikey and Antonia - discovered they happened to be very distant cousins! Mike seemed to be elated, but Antonia still can't seem to get past her now cousin's burping/farting/douchebag problem.

[There was a video here]